Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3D Design

Alright, obviously I'm really bad at updating this blog, but here goes post #2. I took a couple of block classes last semester, the first being 3D Design. Vague much? Upon signing up I assumed this had something to do with clay, maybe cardboard. Wrong. The first clue? This class was held in the oh-so-beloved B66; aka a building resembling a prison where I had previously suffered through a Construction Management class with a bunch of old men and a manly girl. Second clue? The first thing my teacher did was show us how to weld steel. Needless to say, his discussion on the many ways to die via welding was a little much for 8am. Details of this class are hazy, because it was so early, and my teacher wasn't the best at actually teaching. However, I learned how to use a lot of crazy machines that could kill me and avoided using them at all costs. Here are my final projects!

My leather cube sculpture

A wire thing I just whipped up. It completely tore my fingers up. My teacher asked me several times if I was sure I didn't have any experience in basket weaving.

It's hard to tell what's going on here but I made these earrings and a pendant with copper and silver sauter...blow torch required.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


These pictures are all from my drawing class last semester. I had this teacher from Scotland who was super scary at the beginning of the semester. She never cracked a smile and would assign us billions of HUGE pencil drawings. However, once we moved on to charcoal she loosened up and she became one of my favorite teachers! She is awesome and taught me SO MUCH.

Charcoal Still Life(if I have to do another still life again I'll die)
Sarah, ink, drawn with a stick
The HFAC-Megan told me that this assignment has been around since Uncle Steve was a student
Ink, this was taken from a drawing of a rock that I did, and then I made it crazy
Pencil, still life, no lines allowed, only shading. I despised this but it turned out pretty well.